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Unisex Adjustable Back Straightener Posture Corrector

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size: L (70-80kg)
Product Description:
1. Adjustable shoulder strap is convenient, helps to reduce shoulder pressure, can adjust the appropriate length.
2. Provide support for your shoulders and back, which will help prevent hunchbacks, shape your body, correct bad postures, and stand up straight, making you look better and feel younger.
3. Gently straighten your shoulders, neck, and head while correcting the spine. This will greatly improve your bad habits and help your lumbar spine.
4. Easy to wear, unisex.
Product Specification:
Material: spandex + polyester + PE
Size: S M L (optional)
Applicable people: unisex
Product features: prevent the relief of back pain, improve posture, etc.
Packing list: 
Humpback correction belt *1